more ways to create...just for fun

I hope you have explored the links in the previous post of "ways to stay creative". Here are some additional links that you may enjoy...have fun my talented artists!

multiple ways to create...just for fun!

Since the school year is quickly coming to an end, we will wrap things up by ending our lesson based  projects and creating just for fun! I have listed some links below with all types and levels of art don't put those crayons away just yet...explore these sites (they are mixed up on grade level, so just click on one to see if it is right for you, btw...there is one with have been warned). Explore more on your own, with your parents permission, of course and keep your creative genius flowing now and into the summer...have fun my talented artists!

project 7, tropical lily, inspired by Henri Rosseau


extra learning, who decides what art means? TEDEd video

Copy and paste the link below (in your browser) to find out more about:  Who decides what art  means?

project 6, coloring pages, Henri Rousseau

   Henri Rousseau Coloring   This project can be as short or as long as you like. We are still stepping into the wonderful world of artist, Henri Rousseau. I have some links below that will let you print out free coloring pages. Print out your favorite one and welcome a day of relaxed coloring.  For some insight, do a little research on that painting. If you like more then one, print them all out and get ready for days of coloring! For this lesson, I would like you to learn more about the work that he created. Hopefully, you have already looked at the link about the artist in previous lessons (if you have not done this yet, go back to projects, they are still posted). This project will also be great practice for your coloring skills. Play around with value and mixing colors. This can work with crayons but works especially well with soft colored pencils. I am missing all of my talented artists so much! Have fun with your day of coloring! This link will allow you to click and pain

Project 5, Gee's Bend Quilters Project

 Gee's Bend Quilt Project This next project is a spin off from our last one...if you have been completing the projects in order, you will notice how we are creating new projects and building upon our initial inspiration. I would like you to think about how you could create projects on your own using this method. Brainstorm a little on this idea. Find a painting or piece of artwork that you like. Then, start writing down all of the ideas you come up with based on that piece. Brainstorming is a creative way to just write down ideas. It does not have to be listed or detailed. Just start writing, sketching and see what your imagination can do! This project is steeped in southern history. You can create an amazing piece of art if you know the story of Gee's Bend Quilters first and it is worth the read! You can start your research here...  Once you read the story, there will be a variety of quilts shown. This is wh